Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kids say.........

just the darndest things... they were all in bed listening to their MP3 players and my oldest comes downstairs and says "we have a problem", so its another delay tatic to stay up later, I ask what is wrong. She says "Jaden is crying, he is listening to the song girlfriend and says he isn't cute and will never have a girlfriend" I told her to go upstairs and him to come downstairs, tried to tell him that at 5 years old, girlfriends are a long ways away, (even thought he said he had 3 at school last year) that he is very cute and most girls and boys at this age think each other has cooties, he said but Gavin has a girlfriend, "who" I said -- Rebecca he said, this a a girl that has been in the same class with Gavin since Head Start and they barely talk to each other( they are in first grade)I just gave him another hug and told him that girlfriends could wait for a long time. He went upstairs and told his Dad that "mom still just doesn't understand"

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