Monday, October 18, 2010

Out and About

     It's been a fun week around our house.  On Friday night, the kids had a friend over and we got out the HALLOWEEN decorations and got the front yard almost finished.  There may still be some minor things we may add.  They had so much fun, even if they were being goofy and singing Christmas songs, since they said they did not know the words to any Halloween songs.  We have since made a CD of songs with the general theme of monsters, vampires etc to play in the car.  Some examples are Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, Thriller, This is Halloween (from The night before Christmas), some theme music to TV shows such as Twilight Zone, and movie scores such as The Shining.  We could not resist also adding some regular songs that myself and my husband like -- i.e.-- It's a dead man's party, Bloodletting (Concrete Blond).
     Yesterday we went to the pumpkin festival a local pumpkin patch, we were there for 5 1/2 hours if you can believe it.  There was so much to do:
                       * face painting
                       * small petting zoo
                       * super slides
                       * a hill shaped non enclosed inflatable bounce, they had a blast!
                       * water pumped plastic duck races
                       * haystacks to jump off of
                       * pedal bike race course
                       * a small train ride
                       * a corn kernel "sandbox"
                       * a egg hunt with orange and black eggs filled with small
                          Halloween themed treats.
                       * several small mazes for the little kids
                       * pony rides
                       * pig races -- The baby piglets were so cute racing around
                          the tract, fast too.  The pot-belly pigs were slower.
                       * a seed spitting contest and a pie eating contest
                       * an apple canon , trying to hit two different flag targets
                       * a giant corn maze -- this year it was the logo of the
                          Washington Redskins,the team name and the same of the farm
                          spelled out.  It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to find our way
                          thru, everyone we ran into on the path was having trouble.
                          They also run the maze at night.  I would not want to find my
                          thru this one with a flashlight.
                       * and of course a hayride to the PUMPKIN PATCH
I don't have the pictures uploaded to the computer yet, but will post some of the best ones which they are on.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sept Endings Oct Beginning

September has come to a close, the kids have made it thru the first month of school.  Poor Gavin has lost so many teeth that it is hard for him to eat -- 3 on the top with another one ready to fall out and he just lost one on the bottom.  All the kids audtioned for different levels of the competition teams at their new dance studio, the boys for mini-company, they did not make it, I did not think they were ready.  It was more to do for the experience so they would know what to expect in the future.  Alexa audtioned for the Repertory Company and the Danztastic Jr team, she did not make Rep Company but did make the Danztastic Jr team, at first she was disappointed because most of her friends from class are in the Rep company, but after the first class, she was feeling better about the team because she know more people than she thought she would. 

The air is getting cooler and crisper, football season has started, the leave are changing colors.
Everyone is getting excited about Halloween approaching, the kids love to pick out costumes, and help decorate the yard
Here are some pics from previous years

The boys are in their 50's outfits from a dance recital and Alexa is a zombie ballerina

One of the many pumpkin carvings we have done.

The boys went as a mummy and a ninja.

Alexa was a school girl witch, she got tired of her hat.