Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sept Endings Oct Beginning

September has come to a close, the kids have made it thru the first month of school.  Poor Gavin has lost so many teeth that it is hard for him to eat -- 3 on the top with another one ready to fall out and he just lost one on the bottom.  All the kids audtioned for different levels of the competition teams at their new dance studio, the boys for mini-company, they did not make it, I did not think they were ready.  It was more to do for the experience so they would know what to expect in the future.  Alexa audtioned for the Repertory Company and the Danztastic Jr team, she did not make Rep Company but did make the Danztastic Jr team, at first she was disappointed because most of her friends from class are in the Rep company, but after the first class, she was feeling better about the team because she know more people than she thought she would. 

The air is getting cooler and crisper, football season has started, the leave are changing colors.
Everyone is getting excited about Halloween approaching, the kids love to pick out costumes, and help decorate the yard
Here are some pics from previous years

The boys are in their 50's outfits from a dance recital and Alexa is a zombie ballerina

One of the many pumpkin carvings we have done.

The boys went as a mummy and a ninja.

Alexa was a school girl witch, she got tired of her hat.

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  1. Poor Gavin! I guess he can only eat ice cream now lol! Great blog Kelly :) It is nice to put pictures of the kids to the names!
    Thanks for sharing your stories on my blog.