Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do you think life is too short for???

This is a question posted at Twitter Moms, you can blog your answer for a chance to win a copy of Lisa Quinn's .."Life is Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide To Domestic Liberation".

Here is what I think Life is Too Short for......
*  a perfect house, I can live with a few dust bunnies and clean clothes in the basket for some extra play time with my family
*  healthy all the time, --yes eating your veggies is the best for you body, but we all need to relax and allow ouselves to have cupcakes with frosting for breakfast or a banana split for dinner, indulge you whims every once in awhile -- you will be happier and probably eat healthier in the long run for allowing yourself a little treat
*living by a spreadsheet -- yes schedules help us stay organized and on track,to keep an eye on what needs to get done, but is your life really going to crumble if you don't get x,y,z crossed off the list by 3pm because instead you stopped and blew bubbles on a sunny day, built a lego tower, or just talked about what pictures you saw in the clouds?  Enjoy these small moments because they go by way too fast and soon it is --homework and dance class and off with their friends instead of play time with Mom and Dad.

The most important thing is to just be present on your own life and that of your family -- really participate instead of just showing up.  Let me know what you think life is too short for by leaving a comment and see what others say by going to the original post.


  1. Popping by from Twitter Moms! Good post1

  2. I think life is too short for constant analysis, like Google analytics, analyzing traffic feeds & so on. Analyzing the numbers has its place, but it can drive you crazy & really, sometimes the time is better spent just being with family & having fun. I saw your post on BlogFrog & stopped by to say hi!