Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Boy

Ok, so I am really behind, since his birthday was the 15th, but better late than never.  On their birthday
the kids always get to pick where they want to go out to dinner, for the third year in a row Gavin had picked
Edo, a Japanese habatch restaurant, they love to watch the food being cooked and on you birthday they either bring a dragon mask to your table and let you try it on, or they take a photo and print it and sign it and you also get a pair of fancy chopsticks in their own drawsting bag.  This year we got the dragon.
Here are some pictures of our fun evening out.

They love to watch the big flame at the beginning when he first lights the table, but their favorite part is the onion volcano, and for the first time this year the kids actually tried to catch a piece of food in their mouths when he flips it to you, sorry there are not pics of that but it was fun!!

And here is a picture of the birthday boy -- after hearing the drums and the staff bringing in a special dessert and singing "Happy Birthday" he got to finally try on the dragon mask!!!

After that was all done and the food was cleared away he finally got to open some presents -- they included a bucket of sidewalk chalk, a catch ball game for outside and at the beach, a dinosaur activity book, and some other scratch off coloring design books.

That is all for now, will be back before we leave for the beach with some reviews and other updates.

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