Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inside my head

I often wonder does it feel like this for most people, starting a task and finding yourself
hours later wondering how did I get here?  Not speaking of driving or anything like that but just for example will sign on to check email -- should take 10 mins, but I get so distracted by all the small details and sidebars that don't really matter I could be there for 10 hrs, the same with facebook, pinterest etc -- even when I am scrapping, getting too caught up in the what should I use, what will others perceive, will this go with all the rest -- Does that really matter in the long run, as long as memories are preserved and shared with others.   Don't even think about sending me into the grocery store or the library for just 1 item, it is physically impoossible for me to do so, the sight of something triggers a thought or memory and I could be hours when all I needed might have been cough drops or to return a book.  When I started this post there was so much more focus on what I wanted to say in my head and then I started to type and the words escape me, next time I will write down my thouhts first to give them more clarity.

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