Monday, April 12, 2010

Come join the party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

This is my first year participating in the Blog Party and it is turning out to be alot of fun, great new people and places to read about and some great prizes that you can win too!!!! I started this blog primarily to share scrapbooking pages I have made with family and friends but am hoping to expand it more into sharing about daily life and the world around us thru our families eyes and more of the things we like to do, maybe even host some giveaways in the future. A little about me, I am married with 3 kids who keep us busy, mainly with dance related activities. Our daughter is on a competition team and the boys dance as well. Currently we are waiting to hear whether or not our youngest gets into the gifted and talented program for school next year, should find out sometime in
May. Waiting for spring to fully settle in and hopefully avoid the full out humidity of summer for awhile.

So many great prizes to choose from:
Of course my first choice would be the grand prize --Toshiba Satellite
My other top choices would be US17 --by Tasra // US18--goodie basket for Mom//US 78 9 piece Avon
//US 101  Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager //US7 tupperware prize pack
Other interesting prizes I would enjoy:
USC 3,4,6,10,15,19,25,27,32,36,37,40,44,48
And I am sure there are some I even missed, any prize would be appreciated, no longer need baby/toddler prizes as my kids are 6,7 and 11 years of age.


  1. This is my first year participating as well! It's so nice to 'meet' you! You know...a blog evolves as you do (and your life changes)...well, that's what I think anyway. I'm no expert! ;-) I wish my parents had encouraged us to do more things like dance, etc. as kiddos...which is probably why we encourage our kiddos to follow their dreams! I hope your youngest gets in!!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by from the party so I could meet you!!! I just followed you back!

  3. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my site. I hope your kids get into the program - I'm sure they will :D wonderful that they all enjoy dancing...

  4. hello hello - lovely to meet you and your blog! Thanks for stopping by my place on the UBP

  5. Hey! Nice to meet you!!!
    From the ubp10!
    Love your blog. See ya on Twitter.
    I have done some digi scrappin in the past! Got away from it but would like to get back into it!
    Oh yeah, come enter my EcoSmart giveaway! Its a value bundle!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see we have some things in common. Great to meet you. I look forward to coming back and reading your blog! New follower!


  7. Found your blog - UBP! It's been fun to find so many great blogs. Fun site!

  8. Great to meet you! This was my first time participating too. Turned out to be great fun!

  9. stopping by from the UBP. Love the name! - Meredith

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Come again!


  11. What a pretty blog. Since I did not get to all the blogs during the blog party dates, I am going to keep going for a few days...I have found so many great blogs....wish I had time to read lots of posts on every blog and plan to come back to many. I am not going to have the prizes on mine sorted out until tomorrow, so anyone that leaves a comment Sat or Sun will go into a special drawing for SUPRISE GIFT. Hope you will stop by...