Saturday, April 9, 2011

Household Maintenance Made FUN

How can that be you ask..........maintaining a household can be FUN, with housework, repairs, cooking etc......Do you want to learn how to make all of these things more enjoyable.  Then you should check out a book I have been hearing about: Home Ec 101 -skills for everyday living by Heather Solos

Here is a sneak peek at what I learned from Chapter 20 --Meal Planning, not just for Control Freaks. As a mom to 3 with a busy husband, this is something we have gotten out of the habit of, actually sitting down with a planned meal to eat. This chapter was written in a lighthearted, funny and open way that would make it easy for anyone to follow, the author even shares mistakes she has made in the past, which makes it even easier to relate too. There are tips, tricks and even recipes. I really enjoyed her suggestion to ease into meal planning unlike some others I have seen that want you to jump in with 30 meals, with no processed food help right away. If this rest of the book is as user friendly as this chapter every home should have a copy. You can find this book at  Barnes and Nobles and Amazon

As a member of the One2One network I did receive a sample Chapter of this book to download and review, the review is strictly my expressed opinion only. 

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