Monday, April 11, 2011


Is what I really should and want to be doing right now -- considering it is 5:45 am and I have not been
to sleep yet -- insomnia is getting really tiring----lol.  I can usually grab a nap after the kids get on the
bus, but I really would like to sleep at nighttime again -- last night was OK, went to bed at 12:30 -- one night last week I even made it at 10:30, but no matter how well I sleep the night before each evening is always hit and miss.  I have tried about all the sleeping medicine my one Dr can think of and none of them make me feel sleepy -- now my M.I.L takes one pill and you can tell w/in 1/2 hour that she needs to go to bed.   I am just craving one good night of sleep.  What are you craving??  or dreaming about since you are probably asleep??

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