Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lets Plant A???

Let's plant a what you say.... -- yesterday my 3rd grader came home from school with this....
Yes, every 3rd grader came home with a tree to plant -- not sure if all teachers gave out the same kind of tree or not, at my other son's school their 3rd graders got them today, but he is only in 1st grade.  My 3rd grader was really not sure why he had gotten the tree, but boy was he excited about it.  I think it is a combination of Arbor Day-Md celebrates the 1st Wed in April, National is the last Wed in April I believe and Earth day is coming up too. I had him re-water the roots and wrap it in the plastic bag so they would stay damp, as I did not think we could plant it then--heck I am not even sure it will grow in our yard.  At bedtime he cried and was very upset for over 1/2 hour that we would not plant the tree in the dark.  We promised him that when Daddy got home from work today that we would plant the tree in our backyard, so in the cold and damp -- (yes our weather that had been springlike is now back to gloomy and grey), we went outside and .....
Gavin waiting to Daddy to make the hole bigger
Digging the hole.

Helping hands putting the tree into the hole together.
Covering the roots back up and making sure it
could stand on its own.
Gavin with his planted tree:)

Now we just have to wait and see if it actually survives.  We told him that it may not, and that we were not even sure if this was suited to our soil and area, but that we would give it a try. We have a snowball bush that has survived over many years, and some flowers out front but I would not say that we have green thumbs in our immediate family.  If it actually starts to take root and grow I will post updated pictures.

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